Friday, March 20, 2009

BRAND NEW!! TINY LOVE Musical Take Along Arch - Hippo

Brand Tiny Love
Just a tap of baby's hand on the musical toy is all it takes to activate one of 3 playful tunes.
Developemental Values:

The Senses
  • The colorful, large toys hang from the Musical Take-Along Arch™ and offer visual stimulation.
  • The music from the middle toy offers auditory stimulation and the different textures stimulate baby's sense of touch.

Fine Motor Skills

  • The hanging toys invite baby to reach out and strike or grasp, first by chance and later quite intentionally as hand-eye coordination improves.
  • The interesting and diverse structure of the toys, such as the prominent head and feet, help baby grasp the toy from different angles, and help her practice different grasping methods.

Gross Motor Skills

  • Baby extends her hand and makes the toys move, which encourages her to do it again, strengthening her arm muscles.

Cognitive Skills

  • As baby learns that her actions cause the toys to swing, she is internalizing the concept of cause and effect.
Age from Birth up
RM 50 include postage
( RP ; RM 79.90 )
3 units available


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